Hot air furnace is widely used in textile bleach and dye industry, rubber coating heat setting, printing coating for iron oast room, drying of metal surface derusting, oil paint drying, paper manufacturing industry, drying of food, fodder, cereal, fish meal and tobacco and tea. Drying of Plywood, plasterboard moulding, wood, chemical engineering raw material , spray drying of lipdic of flora and fauna, industrial factory building.
Feature of Wood Pellet Hot Air Generator

  1. Constant temperature, pressure and clean hot air: Biomass hot air furnace is high efficient heat exchange equipment adopt clean energy biomass as fuel and air as heat exchange medium.
  2. High efficient and energy-saving: Biomass hot air furnace proper adopts heat preservation material for whole proper, reduce heat losses, and increase thermal efficiency.
  3. Environmental Protection: to promote environmental protection the fuel of this kind boiler are biomass fuels, affordable, worry-free about wide variety of sources; special gasification chamber can make the fuel material into half-full gasification combustion, no need to set up the tall chimney, only connect the boiler air-outlet to outdoor; and configured the special dust removal device, no visible smoke emissions.
  4. Intelligent Control: we adopt microcomputer one-button operation, automatic feed, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, high reliable operation, which is easy to maintain.
  5. User-friendly: The biomass hot air furnace is with compact structure and small size. Without voice and do not need high chimney. This makes the installation very easy. The combustion rate can reach 98%, there is very little ash, which is easy to dispose.

Parameter Table of Low Temperature Wood Pellet Hot Air Furnace

Item WPF0.06 WPF0.12 WPF0.24 WPF0.35 WPF0.48 WPF0.7
Power Mw/h 0.06 0.12 0.24 0.35 0.48 0.7
Power Kcal/h 5*104 10*104 20*104 30*104 40*104 60*104
Chimney Diameter(mm) 140 159 159 220 220 273
Fuel Consumption(kg/h) 15 25 48 72 96 147
Dimension(mm) 1310*600*1100 1600*900*1400 2000*900*1700 2300*1000*1820 2500*1200*1950 2950*150*1900
Hopper Size 1000*400*1200 1200*400*1500 1200*400*1500 1200*500*1500 1200*500*1500 1250*600*1600
Weight 490KG 690KG 1300KG 1590KG 1830KG 2850KG

Parameter Table of High Temperature Wood Pellet Hot Air Furnace

ITEM WPHF0.08 WPHF0.12 WPHF0.24 WPHF0.35
Rated Power kcal 7*104 10*104 20*104 30*104
Thermal Efficiency % 80
Air Outlet mm φ140 φ140 φ160 φ220
Air Inlet mm φ140 φ140 φ160 φ220
Outline Dimension Length mm 1450 1620 2140 2440
Width mm 590 660 830 930
Height mm 1430 1480 1580 1680
Transport Quality kg 430 525 965 1500
Transportation Dimension mm 1500*640*1480 1670*710*1530 2190*860*1630 2490*980*1730
Fuel Consumption kg/h 13.3 19 38 57