1. High thermal efficiency: Adopt tree pass structure and reasonable air distribution. High temperature gas go through three pass, all the energy is absorbed by water.
  2. Equipped with external dust collector and waste heat recovery device. The feeding water get into the waste heat recovery device first for preheat, then get into the boiler drum. Waste heat recovery device transfer emission gas heat to the feeding water, which make the feeding water temperature high. This save a lot of energy and increase the steam output speed.
  3. Pressure firing structure, big flame and strong fire, we can get large output boiler from this boiler, internal water and steam separator device makes the steam is very dry.
  4. Anti-back fire feeding system: pellets feeding system adopt double stage screw feed. The first stage is for controlling the pellet feeding quantity to make sure enough pellet. The second stage makes sure there is no excess pellet in the feed screw. So it is blank between the first stage and the second stage. There is no back-fire happen and make sure the safety operation. Through reducing the load of feeding system, the wood pellet boilers feeding device will have fewer fault.
  5. Easy Operation: Microcomputer LCD control system, one button operation, easy and safety for operation, which do not require professional stoker and reduce labor intensity
  6. Safety Working: Equipped with high quality pressure control, the over pressure and over temperature device, low water level, prevent tempering multiple security protection, to ensure the safety of use.
  7. Easy Maintain:  boiler proper, combustion chamber, dust collector is design with ash removing door, which make the maintain very simple.
  8. Eacy Installation: Packaged delivery, only need to connect the power, steam pipe, water inlet pipe and drainage pipe, which saves the cost of installation and a lot of pipes and wire materials.
  9. Fuel Cost Saving: Adopt recyclable wood pellet as fuel, Energy saving and environmental friendly. The fuel cost is 1/6 of electricity heating boiler, 1/3 oil /gas fired boiler.
  10. Flexible Steam Capacity Available: Steam generator is delivery as Modular type with compact size. We can connect several sets wood pellet generator to get high steam capacity.

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